Program Administration Services

CalTIP contracts with Sedgwick to handle the day-to-day operations of the group providing underwriting, financial, claims, litigation and general risk management.

Liability and Vehicle Physical Damage Claim Services

CalTIP contracts with Sedgwick for the Administration of CalTIP's Liability and Vehicle Physical Damage Claims.

Certificate of Coverage

A certificate of coverage provides policy details and is evidence of program coverage. Please contact Alice Chan at Alliant Insurance Services to request a certificate of coverage.

Vehicle Schedule Updates

Member Vehicle Schedules are stored electronically. Members are responsible for maintaining up-to-date details, including values. New vehicles must be added within 30 days from the date of delivery.

Sedgwick Resources

To help prevent claims, establish controls, and manage costs, members can access a complete website dedicated to safety.

CalTIP Safety & Loss Control Services

This page contains the current CalTIP Safety & Loss Control Services Work Plan and associated documents.

Employment Risk Management Authority (ERMA)

Eligible CalTIP members may elect to participate in ERMA for broad coverage and tailored loss prevention services to reduce their employment practices liability exposures.

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Mission Statement

The California Transit Indemnity Pool (CalTIP) is a member-driven public sector organization dedicated to providing stable, cost-effective insurance, risk management, and safety services to public transit agencies.

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