Liability Program

CalTIP’s Liability Program provides protection against covered losses wherein the members are legally liable for bodily injury or physical damage caused by either the member itself or an owned vehicle.  CalTIP’s pooled and excess coverage, combined with various deductible options, provides general liability, public officials’ errors & omissions, and auto liability.

2019-20 Liability Coverage


Vehicle Physical Damage Program

CalTIP’s Vehicle Physical Damage Program provides members with comprehensive and collision coverage to transit, staff, and maintenance vehicles.  The program is structured to include both self-funded (pooled) and purchased coverage.  CalTIP self-funds the first layer up to $100,000 with members selecting from various deductible options per vehicle.  Excess insurance is purchased for losses exceeding $100,000 and provides the members with coverage up to $30 million per occurrence.  CalTIP’s program is additionally enhanced with an aggregate stop-loss feature.  The aggregate stop-loss is equal to the five highest deductibles of any vehicles involved in a multi-vehicle loss.

Member Deductible:  Members are given the opportunity to select a deductible option per vehicle.  The deductible options are $500; $1,000; $2,5000; $5,000; and $10,000.  Vehicles with an actual cash value of $50,000 or greater must select a deductible of no less than $5,000.

Pooled Program Layer:  CalTIP self-funds or “pools” the first $100,000 of coverage over the member agency’s deductible.

Excess Insurance:  CalTIP purchases excess insurance for losses exceeding $100,000.

2019-20 Vehicle Physical Damage Coverage