Oversight Committee

Term: May 1, 2018 ~ April 30, 2020

Chair: Art Ida, City of Culver City
Vice Chair: Geoff Straw, South  County Area Transit
Charlie Anderson, Western Contra Costa Transit Authority
Scott Graham, Omnitrans
Carl Hasty, Tahoe Transportation District
Steve Rosenberg, Gold Coast Transit District
Michael Tree, Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority
Scott Ousley, El Dorado County Transit Authority
Greg Pratt, Humboldt Transit Authority

Finance and Administration Committee

Term: May 1, 2018 ~ April 30, 2020

Steve Rosenberg, Gold Coast Transit District
Donald Walker, Omnitrans
Rob Thompson, Western Contra Costa Transit Authority
Martin Browne, City of Whittier
Tania Arnold, San Luis Obispo Regional Transit Authority

Term: May 1, 2017 ~ April 30, 2019

Chair: Julia Tyack, City of Lodi
Vice Chair:  To be elected at the 10/2/18 meeting
Jane Leonard, City of Culver City
Elaine Jeng, City of El Monte (5/1/18 – 4/30/19)
Janice Bryan, Yolo County Transportation District

Member Services Committee

Term: May 1, 2018 ~ April 30, 2020

Chair:  Benjamin Newman, Monterey-Salinas Transit District
Vice Chair:  To be elected at the 9/27/18 meeting.
Katie Marsolan, City of Arcata
Jim Kotey, County of Placer
Kelly Beede, Town of Truckee
Melissa Cummins, County of Siskiyou

Term: May 1, 2017 ~ April 30, 2019

Samantha Blackshire, City of Culver City
Bill Churchill, Central Contra Costa Transit Authority
Matt Atkins, Morongo Basin Transit Authority (5/1/18 – 4/30/19)
Dominique Kurihara, City of Santa Rosa (5/1/18 – 4/40/19)

Committee Responsibilities

OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE –  The Oversight Committee shall have the full authority of the Board of Directors except that authority for which the Board is precluded from delegating.  The Oversight Committee shall review disputes between a Party and the Authority, and make a determination of appropriate action, regarding coverage or the administration of the Authority, enter into contracts where such authority has not been delegated to another, contract for a financial audit and for general legal services.  The Oversight Committee shall monitor the performance and the operations of the Authority and Board policy and make recommendations of change where the Committee deems appropriate.

FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION COMMITTEE – The Finance and Administration Committee shall review current financial condition of the Authority and provide direction in the development of the budget for the coming fiscal year, review the allocation of revenues in the budget and make recommendations for change to the Board of Directors, and recommend to the board the appropriate reserves for contingencies.

MEMBER SERVICES COMMITTEE – The Member Services Committee shall review applications for membership and make recommendations to the Board of Directors, underwrite Members of a Coverage Program, review claims made against a Coverage Program and take action as needed, including providing settlement authority, and implement safety and loss control strategies.